Governor's Health Sciences Academy

The Governor’s Health Sciences Academy at Warwick High School combines academic coursework and clinical experiences in a challenging and collaborative school environment to prepare students for careers in the Health Sciences.

The Governor’s Health Sciences Academy will address impending workforce needs that have been identified by the state of Virginia.

According to the Virginia Employment Commission, between 2012 and 2022, there is expected to be an increase of 7,304 available health care positions on the Greater Peninsula.

Dr. Maranda Hall, Program Administrator

What is distinctive about this program?

  • Integrated curriculum helps students establish connections between mathematics, science and technology.

  • Opportunities to learn about careers through mentors, career and technical education student organizations, career clubs, work site visits, guest speakers, internships and job shadowing experiences.

  • Participate in health-related school events.

  • Business partnerships with Hampton University, Old Dominion University, The College of William and Mary, Christopher Newport University, Riverside Regional Medical Center, ECPI/Medical Careers Institute, Pivot Physical Therapy and Virginia Living Museum.

  • Workplace observations/job shadowing.

  • Riverside/NNPS Medical Careers Club meets monthly and focuses on medical careers and related medical skills.

  • Students will participate in a student-run clinic to further enhance clinical skills at Warwick High School.

Health Sciences Academy Career Pathways

Therapeutic Services: Care and treat patients to improve their health over time. Counsel patients and provide them the tools needed to live a healthier and problem-free lifestyle.

Support Services and Health Informatics: Manage and assist health care professionals with a range of administrative and maintenance duties to ensure that the health care environment is maintained, in addition to overseeing all patient data, financial information and technological applications to health care processes and procedures.

Diagnostic Services: Use tests and evaluations to aid in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases, injuries or other physical conditions.

Biotechnology Research and Development: Discover new treatments and medical technologies to improve human health and advance the overall health science field.

Getting Started

Students interested in participating in the Governor’s Health Sciences Academy will be required to complete a Governor’s Health Sciences Academy application. Contact your guidance office for more information.

  • Students in the Academy will be expected to meet the following criteria:
  • Complete an advanced mathematics course beyond Algebra II
  • Maintain a minimum of a 2.7 grade point average
  • Take a mathematics, science and health science course each year
  • Complete a Health Sciences work-based internship (minimum of 15 hours) during senior magnet course
  • Complete courses within a specific pathway in the Health Sciences Career Cluster
  • Earn an industry certification or at least nine transferrable college credits
  • Complete 200 hours of school/community service (50 hours per school year)