Warwick High School

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Athletics at Warwick

Athletes committed toward academics, teamwork, perseverance, and physical endurance.Warwick High School s athletic programs teaches and reinforces citizenship, sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work. Student athletics develop and improve their talents while learning the importance of collaboration and communication.


Warwick coaching staff

  Todd Barker Baseball - Varsity  
  Tony Hendricks Baseball - JV  
  Jimmie Gerald Basketball - Varsity Boys  
  TBD Basketball - JV Boys  
  Vanessa Starks Basketball - Varsity Girls  
  Larry Starks Basketball - JV Girls  
  TBD Cheer - Varsity  
  TBD Cheer - JV  
  Matthew McDonald Cross Country - Boys  
  Wendell Holmes Cross Country - Girls  
  Peter Henry Debate  
  Katherine Schoenhoff Drama  
  Brittany Bradsher-Williams Field Hockey - Varsity  
  Emily Blackburn Field Hockey - JV  
  Corey Hairston Football - Varsity  
  Scorpio Brown Football - JV  
  Ed Krohn Forensics  
  Scott Cullison Golf  
  Linda Rich Scholastic Bowl  
  Michael Norton Soccer - Varsity Boys  
  Benjamin Becouvarakis Soccer - JV Boys  
  Emily Blackburn Soccer - Varsity Girls  
  Brittany Williams Soccer - JV Girls  
  James Dawson Softball - Varsity  
  Tony Willis Softball - JV  
  Allen Koederitz Swimming - Head Coach  
  Sarah Wohlers Swimming - Assistant  
  Brittany Williams Swimming - Assistant  
  Scott Cullison Tennis - Boys  
  Vanessa Starks Tennis - Girls  
  Wendell Holmes Track  
  Matthew McDonald Track  
  Scorpio Brown Track  
  Sheila Ernst Track  
  Chris Banks Track  
  Allen Koederitz Volleyball - Boys  
  Bill Bowman Volleyball - Girls  
  Tony White Wrestling - Varsity  
  Michael Norton Wrestling - Assistant  
  Brandon Gates Wrestling - Assistant  



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