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Career Technical Education

Business Courses    
Course Book Title Web Resources
Accounting Accounting: First Year Course
Advanced Accounting Accounting: Advanced Course
  • Online Resources
Finance Business & Personal Finance
Desktop Multimedia &
Web Design
Web Page Design
Business Law Law for Business 15e
Computer Information
Systems (CIS)
Microsoft Office 2007 Illustrated Introductory Course
Advanced Computer
Information Systems
Microsoft Office 2007 Illustrated Second Course
Marketing Courses    
Fashion Marketing Apparel & Accessories 2e
  • Online Resources
Advanced Marketing Marketing Anniversary
  • Online Resources
Sports, Entertainment &
Recreation Marketing
Sports & Entertainment Marketing



Family & Consumer Science    
Nutrition & Wellness I Food for Today 9e
Nutrition & Wellness II Food Science: The Biochemistry
Families Today Families Today
Parenting The Developing Child 9e
Parenting Rights &
Parenting Rights & Responsibilities
Technology Education    
Engineering Drawing Mechanical Drawing 12e
Engineering Drawing Applying Autocad


Course  Book Title Web Resource
9 English Prentice Hall Literature
9 English Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar
10 English Prentice Hall Literature
10 English Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar
11 English Prentice Hall Literature
11 English Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar
12 English Prentice Hall Literature
12 English Prentice Hall Writing & Grammar
World Masterpieces Prentice Hall Literature


Course Book Title Web Resource
Pre-Algebra Pre-Algebra
Algebra I Algebra I
Geometry Geometry
Algebra II Algebra II


Course Book Title Web Resource
Life Science Life Science
Physical Science Physical Science
Biology Biology
Chemistry Chemistry
Earth Science Earth Science
Physics Conceptual Pysics

Social Studies

Course Book Title Web Resource
World Geography World Geography
AP Human Geography Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, 7e
World History World History: Volume One
Honors World History World History: Volume One (1st Semester)
Honors World History World History: Modern Era (2nd Semester)
AP World History World Civilizations: The Global Experience
US History Pathways to the Present
AP US History Out of Many, 3e
Government Magruder's American Government 
AP US Government Government in America : People, Politics, and Policy, 12e 
Sociology Sociology and You
AP Psychology Myers in Modules, 7e
Intro to Psychology Psychology: Principles in Practice
Practical Law Street Law: A Course in Practical Law, 7e

World Languages

Course Book Title Web Resource
French I Discovering French I
French II Discovering French II
French III Discovering French III
German I Deutsch Aktuell I
German II Deutsch Aktuell II
German III Deutsch Aktuell III
Spanish I Realidades Level I
Spanish II Realidades Level II 
Spanish III Realidades Level III 


Course Book Title Web Resource
Health I & II Health

Driver's Education

Click the module to access the Driver's Education course presentations.

  Module       Topics 
  Module 1
  • Your License to Drive
  • Organ & Tissue Donation
  • Right of Way Concepts
  • Railroad Safety
  • Signs, Signals & Pavement Marks
  Module 2
  • Driver Preparation Procedures
  • Vehicle & Operating Control Devices
  • Vehicle Balance
  • BGE Settings/Footprint
  • Reference Points/Lane Positions
  Module 3
  • Entering roadway/Move to curb
  • Vision & Perception
  • Space management – Good habits
  Module 4
  • Risk Assessment
  • Space management
  • Turning/Lane changes
  • Turnabouts/ Parking
  Module 5
  • Processing Information
  • Intersections
  • Curves & Hills
  • Passing
  Module 6 
  • Characteristics of Expressways
  • Entering & Exiting
  • High Speed Considerations
  Module 7
  • BAC & factors
  • Types of drinks
  • Different weights
  • Male vs. Female
  Module 8
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Protecting Occupants
  • Roadway & Vehicle Technology
  • Traction Loss Concerns
  Module 9
  • Vehicle Functions
  • Tires & Suspension
  • Vehicle Systems
  • ABS Brakes
  • Vehicle Performance
  Module 10 
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Buying a Used Vehicle
  • Costs of Owning a Vehicle
  • Trip Planning




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