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The  school counseling  department assists students, parents, and school personnel with strategies and techniques essential for academic and personal/social growth.   Counselors assist students and families with immediate and long-range educational planning and course selection.   All students are assigned a professional counselor according to their last name.   Our couseling department staff list is sorted first by position, then by last name. Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail.

Warwick counseling department

   Douglas, Donzaleigh School Counseling Director V - Z
   Bryant, Miriam Professional Counselor Fo - Me / ESL Counselor
   Davis, Katina Professional Counselor Student Assistance Programs
   Elliott, Linda Professional Counselor A - Fl
   Simmons, Shawnya Professional Counselor Mi - U / Early College
   Slagle, Louisa Professional Counselor International Baccalaureate Program
   Gerald, Jimmie Graduation Coach Freshmen and Seniors
   Stancil, Kristin Graduation Coach Seniors
   Williamson, Brittney Career Specialist College and Career Programs
   Freeman, Tamika Registrar   

School Counseling  Goals


  • To provide a comprehensive guidance program that will empower all students to identify and attain goals that will ensure a happy, productive and rewarding future.
  • To provide academic counseling to all students to ensure that their program of studies will help them prepare for their future.
  • To provide a comprehensive college and career exploration program that will assist all students to identify colleges, majors, and careers, that best match their future plans, personality, aptitudes and interests.
  • To provide personal counseling, individual and group, that will assist the student(s) in identifying and resolving issues that serve as obstacles to achieving their goals.
  • To assist parents in their efforts to provide the best educational experience possible.
  • To provide a plan to assist students, teachers and parents resolve conflicts which our inhibiting the attainment of personal, classroom and household goals.
  • To provide the administration, faculty, and support staff assistance in identifying the most effective methods to achieve personal and organizational goals.  



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