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Warwick High School

51 Copeland Lane  •  Newport News, VA 23601  •  Phone: (757) 591-4700  •  Fax: (757) 596-7415

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Our staff list is sorted first by department, then by last name. Please click on a staff member's name to send an e-mail or on the "www" icon to view their web site.


  Stapleton, Rory Administration Principal
  Smith, Micah Administration Assistant Principal - Instruction
  Frazier, Anthony Administration Assistant Principal - Operations
  Kuberek, Keith Administration Assistant Principal
  Barreau, Pascal Administration Assistant Principal
  Lewis, Mercedes Administration Assistant Principal
  Chaney, Patty Administration IB Coordinator
  Nuttycombe, Jennifer Administration Athletic Director

Support Staff

  Williams, Brittany Attendance Office Assistant
Teacher Website Miller, Leslie Psychology School Psychologist
  Officer Hugh Blanchard Newport News Police Liason SRO
  Hall, Carolyn Speech Speech Pathologist
  Hooper, Joy Child Nutrition Services Manager
  Cenname, Rita Clinic Registered Nurse
  Bell, Willie ISS ISS Coordinator
  Townsend, Sharon Clinic Clinic Assistant
  Manning, Latrice Security Lead Security
  White, Donald L. Custodial Lead Custodian


  Adams, Bridget CTE Teacher/ Activities Director
  Brown, Stephen CTE Teacher
  Grant, Kimberly CTE Teacher/Testing Lead
Teacher Website Hester, Earl CTE Teacher
  Jones, Lisa CTE Lead Teacher
Teacher Website Neely, Reginald CTE Teacher
Teacher Website Spalding, Judy CTE Teacher
  Stork, John CTE Teacher
Teacher Website Wilson, Kevin CTE ROTC instructor


Teacher Website Barnes, Jean-Marie English Teacher
Teacher Website Cullison, Michelle English Teacher
Teacher Website Giroux, Justin English Teacher
Teacher Website Lilley, David English Teacher
Teacher Website Linde, Erica English Teacher
Teacher Website Rieger, Lisa English Teacher
Teacher Website Reynolds, Floyd English Teacher
Teacher Website Skinner, Tarina English Teacher
  Smith, Danielle English Literacy Coach
Teacher Website Strothers, Adria English Lead Teacher
  Stephenson, Tivika English Teacher
  Vandegrift, Kirsten English Teacher
Teacher Website Walker, Geofrilyn English Teacher
Teacher Website Walters, Santha English Teacher
  Williams, Margie English Teacher

Fine Arts

  Ballou, Lynn Fine Arts Choral Teacher
  Eldred, Chris Fine Arts Art Teacher
  Ernst-Scotti, Sheila Fine Arts Art Teacher
  Glover, Alyssa Fine Arts Band Teacher
  Jenkins, Chairassia Fine Arts Art Teacher
  Norton, Michael Fine Arts Art Teacher


  Douglas, Donzaleigh Guidance Guidance Director
  Allen,Jacque' Guidance Registrar
  Brice, Tamika Guidance Professional School Counselor
  Bryant, Miriam Guidance Professional School Counselor
  Davis, Katina Guidance Student Support Specialist
  Elliott, Linda Guidance Professional School Counselor
  Freeman-Rivera, Tamika Guidance Office Technician
  Gerald, Jimmie Guidance Graduation Coach
  Simmons, Shawnya Guidance Professional School Counselor
  Slagle, Louisa Guidance IB Counselor
  Stancil, Kristin Guidance Graduation Coach
  West, Wendy Guidance Career Counselor

Health & P.E.

Teacher Website
Cooke, Michael   Health & P.E. Teacher/Lead Teacher Website
Teacher Website Frazier, Jennifer Health & P.E. Teacher
Teacher Website Harriman,Peggy Health & P.E Teacher
  Moriarty, Edwin Health & P.E. Teacher
  Moscoso, Yvette Health & P.E. Teacher/Athletic Trainer
Teacher Website Rose, Steven Health & P.E. Teacher
  Smith, Iva Health & P.E. Teacher


  Barber, Susan Library Librarian
  Williams, Marianne Library Librarian

Main Office

  Miller, Jessica Main Office Technical Assistant
  Bailey, Denise Main Office Bookkeeper
  Baker, Rose Main Office Office Assistant
  Cuffe, Barbara Senior Center Office Secretary
  Dixon, Deborah Main Office Administrative Secretary


Teacher Website Baker, Sharon Math Lead Teacher
Teacher Website Baumgardner, Emily Math Teacher
  Dallmeyer, Sabina Math Teacher
Teacher Website David, Brenda Math Teacher
  Ellis, Katrishia Math Teacher
  Henry, Peter Math Teacher
Teacher Website Locke, Debra Math Teacher
Teacher Website Lowe, Bonnie Math Teacher
  Sanchez, Sherri Math Teacher/Math Coach
Teacher Website Sheppard, Julyn Math Teacher
  Smith, Traci Math Teacher
Teacher Website Spencer, Laura Math Teacher
  Zorumski, Barry Math Teacher/Testing Lead


Teacher Website Banks, Denise Science Teacher
  Blazey, Chris Science Teacher
Teacher Website Cullison, Scott Science Teacher
  Jones, Brinda Science Teacher
Teacher Website MacIntyre, Melissa Science Teacher
  Marioneaux, Mark Science Teacher
  Meier, Sara Science Teacher
  Miles, Shavonne Science Teacher
Teacher Website Nelson-Rogers, Laura Science Lead Teacher
  Robinson, Jason Science Teacher
  Rogers, Bruce Science Teacher
  Weatherhead, Angela Science Teacher

Social Studies

Teacher Website Bakkal, Damien Social Studies Teacher
Teacher Website Heartwell, Kamilah Social Studies Teacher
  Hicks, Reginald Social Studies Teacher
  Horton, Lois Social Studies Teacher
  MacDonald, Matthew Social Studies Teacher
Teacher Website McKeithan, Lydia Social Studies Teacher
  Meador, Kimberly Social Studies Teacher
 Teacher Website Pelkey, Karen Social Studies Teacher
Teacher Website Rich, Linda Social Studies Teacher
Teacher Website Singleton, Valerie Social Studies Teacher
Teacher Website Smith, Sherri Social Studies Lead Teacher
  Ullestad, Charles Social Studies Teacher
 Teacher Website Winant, Matthew Social Studies Teacher

Special Education

  Allen, Brittney Special Education LD Teacher
  Bailey, Jocelynn Special Education LD Teacher
  Baker, Rosemary Special Education LD Teacher
  Beasley, John Special Education ED Teacher
  Edwards, Linda Special Education EMD Teacher
  Espinosa, Danetta Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Frazier, Bonita Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Goldstein, Pamela Special Education Lead Teacher
  Hairston, Corey Special Education LD Teacher
  Hayes, Terri Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Horne, Helen Special Education LD Teacher
  Hunt, Crystal Special Education EMD Teacher
  Ingram, John Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Johnson, Brooke Special Education TMD Teacher
  Johnson, Rambert Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Johnson, Sharon Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Lee-Walston, Flora Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Ochsenfeld, Chris Special Education LD Teacher
  Parsons, Amanda Special Education LD Teacher
  Porter-Perry, Selima Special Education LD Teacher
  Pressley, Pam Special Education ED Teacher
  Quanty, Bryan Special Education EMD Teacher
  Sargent, Joann Special Education Teacher Assistant
  Tucker, Angelynn Special Education Teacher


  Bazemore, Karen Technology ITC
  Fitzgerald, Lamar Technology TSS

World Language

  Canody, Tiffany World Language French Teacher
Teacher Website Flowers, Laverne World Language French Teacher
  Fritz, Ethel World Language Spanish Teacher
  Gardner, David World Language German Teacher/Lead
Teacher Website Garner, Katherine World Language Spanish Teacher
Teacher Website Jackson, Rebecca World Language Spanish Teacher
  Morales, Bruno World Language ESOL Teacher
Teacher Website Morales, Marisol World Language SpanishTeacher
  Ortiz, Jacinta World Language SpanishTeacher
  Stepp, Kimberly World Language Instructional Assistant



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